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This is a big seller that can be used for corn and wheat. It's an ideal low salt replacement for 6-24-6 or 9-18-9.
  Use this analysis on soybeans, cotton, alfalfa or any crop where potassium may be needed. This product fits any program where 3-18-18, 5-15-15 or 2-12-12 are specified and is ideal for fall strip tillage application.  
  This product supplies excellent foliar nutrition for all crops because it is easily assimilated by growing plants.  
  This high quality food grade adjuvant is also a powerful foliar concentrate. It's a 'Super Carrier' that's an excellent catalyst for all ag chemicals. Rain fast in minutes, Citation has the ability to drive added nutrients into the leaf surface of growing crops.
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KC 28
  This is the only liquid potassium product of its kind on the market. KC-28 contains 28% water soluble potassium that is complexed with carbon to enhance biological activity in the soil. KC-28 is 100% free of chloride salts. Use this product in conjunction with 2-16-14 in fall strip tillage applications for an ideal fall season nutrient package blended in a zone.  
  This is the ORIGINAL calcium saturated chelate that has often been imitated but never precisely duplicated. N-gard is 10% calcium that is 100% water soluble, so it doesn't have to go through biological breakdown for use by the plants. Use this product for soil or foliar applications to improve the health and output of your crops while stabilizing and chelating nitrogen.

Farmers who use strip tillage apply 3 gallons of N-gard per acre with their liquid nitrogen. Tests have shown a significant yield increase and lower grain moisture content.

Wheat growers apply N-gard in combination with nitrogen to increase N absorption, increase tiller formation, and improve dry matter, test weight and yield.

N-gard can be used on Cotton to improve plant growth, lint output and ginning quality.

On vegetables, N-gard improves tuber and/or root quality, lengthens storability and improves yield.
  This is a soybean oil surfactant that is designed for integration into a normal pesticide program. SOS is formulated to improve the performance of pesticides through better coverage, better adhesion and reduced drift. The product is made from US grown soybeans.  
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