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Positive Nutrient Placement
  Carbo-Tech Direct is a strong proponent of Positive Nutrient Placement, which is banding or integrating plant nutrients in a zone, close to the roots of growing plants. If you'd like more information about this concept and how to use our products for best results, give us a call. We're always happy to visit and make recommendations based on your needs.  
  If you farm by conventional methods, use no-till, strip-till or ridge till, the three most important words in your crop fertility program should be: Balance, Placement and Recovery.

Balance the amount of nutrients in the soil for maximum availability to the growing plants.

Place fertility for the growing crops in a band, close to the roots. This allows for more efficient nutrient Recovery and uptake by the growing plants.

    • Most nutrients move very little in the soil structure. Banded placement in the root
      zone, either before, during or after planting, is the most effective means of
      supplying plant fertility needs throughout the growing season.

    • With broadcast fertilization, nutrients cover the majority of the soil surface. Corn
     roots contact only about 1% of the soil surface, so the majority of your investment
     is out of the reach of the growing crop.
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